peaceful mind. strong body. empowered spirit.

This powerful mind body connection fosters self-passion, emotional regulation, growth mindset and resilience.  I believe cultivating this connection at a young age is essential to joyful living, a healthy active lifestyle and a lifelong ability to confidently and gracefully face adversity. 


Welcome to Physio-Logics! My name is Lauren Puccia and I am honored to offer your child opportunities to promote mental and physical wellness.  From my own childhood experiences, professional development, and now as a mom of three children, I have grown to understand how essential it is for children to maintain a healthy mind and body balance.  

I’m sure you can relate to  the hectic and chaotic schedules of the modern family. The stress of trying to fit it all in can be exhausting.  Building the foundation of Peaceful Mind. Strong Body. Empowered Spirit helps us recenter and tackle challenges peacefully and successfully.

As a physical therapist for the past 16 years, I’ve gained an even greater understanding of the need for youth mental and physical health wellness services. The World Health Organization statistics on mental health concerns are alarming, with most mental disorders beginning fairly early in life  — one half before the age of 14 and three fourths by 24. My passion to provide children with a foundation for success has led me down a path of research, certifications and trainings and to the creation of a unique program that encompasses wellness as a state of mind and a manner of functioning.      

I am so excited to present Physio-Logics Integrative Physical Therapy Wellness! The first and only practice of its kind. Our highly specialized staff use evidence-based research and offer wellness expertise. We integrate neuroscience and physiology, specialized physical therapy modalities and cognitive wellness blended with the artful tools of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.  Please feel free to contact us or use the links for more information on our program and upcoming classes.  

I hope to see you soon!


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