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Growing Mindsets Classes

An Introduction to Mindfulness

Ages 7-9

October 5th 10:30-11:30 am

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An Introduction to Mindfulness

Ages 10-13

October 5th 6:30-7:30 pm

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Mindful Tools for Children with Anxious Emotions: Ages 7-10


 Oct 26th or Nov 2nd 10:30-11:30 am

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Mindful Tools for Children

with ADHD: Ages 8-11


Oct 19th 6:00-7:00 or Nov 16th 10:30-11:30

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Mindful Balance

Ages 10-14

Dec 7th 10:30-11:30

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Mini Mindful Minds

Ages 4-6


Oct 19th or Nov 2nd 10:30-11:30

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Mindfulness, Gratitude & Empathy

Ages 9-12

Nov 23rd 10:30-11:30

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ROAR! Realizing Our Ability to be Resilient 
Ages 9-11

8 Week Club on TUESDAYS

Oct 22nd-Dec 10th 6:00-7:15

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What to expect in a Growing Mindsets Class?

Physio-Logics Wellness believes youth wellness evolves from growing a mindset of self-confidence, acknowledgement of self-worth and self-love and is fostered with compassion, gratitude and joy. 

Present awareness, or mindfulness, encourages curiosity, non judgment, happiness and compassion! Practicing mindfulness has been shown to improve attention and reduce stress, as well as increase ones ability to regulate and feel empathy.

Growing Mindset classes support evidence based science and best practice, while bringing awareness to inner strengths and coping skills for wellness in a fun, interactive and supportive style.  

Introduction to Mindfulness = fun art expression + mindful awareness! Children learn to connect to the present moment through mindful strategies, art expression, mindful movement and supportive group discussions. We explore foundations of awareness, acceptance and connection to breath. Children are introduced to mindful strategies used to clear and reboot the brain of mind wandering or fixed patterns. Take home tools and activities to begin fostering a love of mindful well-being!

Mindfulness Skills for Children with Anxious Emotions: A fun, engaging and creative way to learn about our emotions! Children learn mindfulness strategies to understand and respond to BIG emotions. Through play, creative art and group activities, children explore what emotions are and the general causes and physical symptoms of anxious emotions. Children learn simple mindfulness strategies to promote present awareness and self-regulation. 

Mindfulness Skills for Children with ADHD: Mindful strategies to help children Focus, Succeed in School & Make Friends! Children are often asked to pay attention. What does that truly mean and how does one pay attention? This introductory class helps explain what paying attention without distraction means and how to start daily mindful practices to foster that ability. In this class we bring awareness to individual strengths and an innate ability to thrive and succeed! Through play, children learn about mindfulness and how ADHD may present in his or her life. Children practice simple mindfulness strategies to help succeed with everyday tasks and learn mindful methods to focus more naturally, evenly, effortlessly, happily and joyfully.  

Mindful Balance is a fun mix of group activities and discussion, experiential learning, self-awareness and reflection, and mindful movement.  This class encourages whole body wellness and life in balance through mindful awareness, a greater understanding of the mind body Physio-Logic connection, and healthy physical, social and emotional habits. Children will learn simple brain break strategies to reset, balance and mindshift to positive perceptions.

Mini Mindful Minds is fun, engaging and interactive! Mindfulnes is a popular topic these days. But what exactly does it mean? And why should young children learn about mindfulness. Simply put, mindfulness is paying attention to the now! Mini Mindful minds helps children learn how to slow down. Let’s face it, kids are busy! Taking time to slow down creates balance. Present awareness encourages curiosity, non judgment and compassion. Mindfulness strategies are an important skill for lifelong wellness, as they are shown to improve concentration, emotional regulation, stress management and joy.

Mindfulness, Gratitude and Empathy is a tween mindfulness class, with a blend of positive psychology wellness habits and mindful tools. We explore the concept of heartfulness and encourage the regular practice of mindfulness, gratitude and empathy. Children learn how these concepts foster joy, resilience, and well-being! Strategies and activities provided to foster daily practice. 

ROAR! Realizing Our Ability to be Resilient is a fun and interactive series! Children learn through team building, art expression, group discussion and self-development activities. This program is centered around the evidence-based and well researched program, FRIENDS Resilience and enhanced with Physio-Logics personal development program. We explore the Peaceful Mind. Strong body. Empowered Spirit. connection to support growth mindset, self-awareness and emotional regulation.  


Mindful Yoga Classes

Little Kids, BIG Emotions

Pop Up Yoga Class

July 31st    Ages 3-5     4:30-5:15

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Nicole Drost, RYT 

What is Mindful Yoga?

Bringing awareness to your ability to CALM, FOCUS, BALANCE and RELAX - a coping skill for wellness!

Mindful Yoga is a form of yoga that challenges our bodies and our minds, cultivating courage and resilience to discover our true potential.  Participants gain awareness, attitudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, and learn how to use Mindful Yoga as a coping tool for wellness.  We focus on children connecting to their breath, body and spirit, building physical and mental strength. 

Little Kids, BIG Emotions Pop Up Class is an exciting and fun filled 45 minute preschool class where little ones learn how to manage emotions through movement. 

In this class we will 

  • Learn Yoga poses to allow big emotions out
  • Read a short story about feelings
  • Identify feelings with I feel…When statements
  • Learn what happens to our bodies with BIG emotions
  • Discuss what emotions look like in others
  • Learn how emotions should come and go, yet sometimes if we don’t allow an emotion out, it gets BIGGER
  • Practice mindful breathing and mindful rest to bring awareness to our emotions
  • Practice our Yoga poses
  • Create a take home poster to teach others and practice!

peaceful mind. strong body. empowered spirit.