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There are many wellness benefits to nurturing our inner creativity! Today we reflect on these benefits and share fun ideas to foster at home. Engaging kids’ creative selves offers an outlet for expressing emotions, processing information, and taking control and ownership of a process and a product. Calming Creatively!

During this unique time, being creative can also allow kids the opportunity to be unrestricted. Right now, there are so many limitations placed on permissible activities, practices and distances that we can all be left feeling a bit powerless. 

We are operating under significant restrictions, and to find balance, we need to find or make opportunities to operate more freely when and where we can.

If you read our earlier post about flexible thinking, you recall that the ability to think creatively can give us a lighthearted opportunity to practice being more adaptable.  Creative activities can assist both children and adults with managing stress, reducing anxiety, processing trauma, and regulating mood. 

Artistic self-expression also allows for the use of sensory engagement to explore the world around us and the world within us, and to express what is found during that exploratory process. 

If you and your children have been trying some of the mindfulness activities posted, you are already practiced in using your senses!

Activities such as making music, knitting and coloring can create a meditative experience because of the application of repetitive motion.  Sculpting, drawing, painting, writing and collage leave us with a tangible item that we empowered ourselves to create.  Dancing and acting can allow us to express our emotions in a more kinesthetic way. 

All of these expressive outlets can allow us to counterprogram messages of restriction and limitations with activities that allow us to be creators with freedom of choice. 

Creativity is a mindset we should attempt to move toward at least once daily so that we tap into the positive energy generated by possibility.  Remember that what we tend to… grows.  Nurturing an eye for beauty, color, self-expression, and potential will allow us to find hope and purpose during challenging times.

To encourage your children (and yourself) to be creative during their downtime, consider our shared Spring Crafts, Journal Prompts, Stem Activities, Cooking and Art Experiences below! If you have a found a family favorite please share in comments for our readers. Enjoy!

Spring Craft Ideas

Journal Prompts

Stem Activities


Art Experiences

Thank You

Thank you to our wellness educator, Tracy Nemecek, for helping write today’s post and thank YOU for reading today! We will continue to share resources to inspire anxiety health awareness and youth wellness throughout the week. Sending well wishes to you all!

We can’t wait to see you when we are able to re-open the Physio-Logics studio for anxiety wellness education! In the meantime, if you or your child are interested in counseling to address COVID-related anxiety, adjustment challenges related to physical distancing, or other mental health concerns, our wellness educators are also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice.  They are conducting telehealth sessions at this time.  Please feel free to contact us at for more information.

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