Our Wellness Program

ROAR! -Realizing Our Ability to be Resilient

Kids RISE Up
Resilient Inspired Strong Empowered

A blend of proven, evidence-based science and artful healing.

A truly unique, holistic approach designed to promote youth physical and mental wellness, build resilience and foster empowerment.  

The elements   – reset rewire relate restore – are designed to nurture all dimension of wellness, blending simplified neuroscience and physiology lessons with specialized physical therapy modalities, cognitive and emotional wellness counseling and the tools of yoga, mindfulness and meditation.  The fifth element – reflect – promotes optimism, connection and support, for continued success and resiliency


We believe a child’s stress response, or protective armor, must be RESET prior to learning how to calm and self manage.  Our RESET services include Vibroacoustic Sound Wellness and Associative Awareness techniques.  


We believe learning REWIRES the brain.  Our Mindful REWIRE uses Cognitive Wellness and the FRIENDS Resilience program to improve social and emotional skills. 


We believe RELATING thoughts, feelings and behaviors to context, not inherit traits, fosters a growth mindset and resilience. Our Wellness Program uses the tools of mindfulness and meditation to help youth RELATE to themselves, their environment and others. 


We believe empowerment is RESTORED from acknowledgement of self-worth, self-confidence and self-love.  Our Yoga, Body Awareness Exercises and Creative Arts services RESTORE a child’s empowered spirit, helping them meet challenges with grace and confidence.


We believe in creating optimism by reflecting on hope for the future. We foster skills to REFLECT on physical and mental health and provide opportunities to promote wellness.  We believe in connecting to a sense of purpose as an individual, family member and part of a greater community.  We feel reflecting on our support system and role models who share similar values and core beliefs establishes connections vital to success and resiliency. 

Inspiring Youth Wellness

peaceful mind. strong body. empowered spirit.

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