Our Mindful Reset uses Vibroacoustic Wellness and Associative Awareness to RESET the fight, flight or freeze response and balance the mind body connection.


What is Vibroacoustic Wellness

Vibroacoustic Wellness uses a sound table, topped with a water filled mattress, to produce calming sounds and gentle vibrations to restore homeostasis, or a balanced state.  Sound you can hear is translated into sound you can feel through the mattress, producing the most wonderful relaxation response, or mindful reset. 

This mindful reset allows children to experience the change from a stressful state, or hypervigilanceto a state of relaxation. Vibroacoustics restores our ability to breathe fully, quiet our minds to focus, calm and find joy. The ability to recognize and learn to control this change is the foundation of Physio-Logics Wellness Program. 


What is Associative Awareness

Associative Awareness is a unique approach to stress reduction and mind body balance, a means to calm the brain’s fear or startle mechanism. It is designed to change conditioned negative associations by creating new positive sensory, emotional and cognitive  awareness.  NeuroplasticityA trained Associative Awareness practitioner uses breathing techniques alongside a skilled massage to calm and create mind body balance.


What is a Mind Body Balance

Our autonomic, or self regulating, system has opposing sides, the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Our sympathetic system is our protective armor.  It’s our emergency, or fight/flight/freeze, response to prepare us for stressful situations. Our parasympathetic system conserves our energy and prepares us for rest and digestion.  

These systems are designed to balance each other. Sympathetic raises our heart rate, Parasympathetic lowers. Sympathetic takes blood flow away from our stomach and brings it to our limbs so we can run, Parasympathetic brings blood flow to our stomach for digestion and slows to our limbs. There are many examples of how these systems balance each other, restoring the stability of our autonomic system. 

What happens with an unbalanced autonomic system? If the sympathetic system is overactive, our brain puts our body on high alert. We have our protective armor on and are in a state of defense mode or preparedness, in fear of danger or threat. This threat can be real or perceived, our body will react in the same way.  Frequent, reoccurring sympathetic responses can lead to anxious feelings or learned helplessness


Signs of Mind Body Imbalance


What can I expect at a Mindful Reset Session

Prior to your child’s session you will have the opportunity to consult with a practitioner to discuss your child’s wellness needs. We will provide a kind, comforting and inviting environment. We believe children feeling safe is vital to gaining control over their protective armor, or self regulating.

Your child is slowly introduced to the sound table, a cozy bed topped with a water mattress. As your child becomes comfortable with their surroundings and positioning, the practitioner will choose sound frequencies and music to optimize individual wellness.  

Gentle vibrations are felt through the sound table and soothing music can be heard from the room’s surround speakers. The practitioner will help guide the child’s relaxation response, or protective armor removal, using the Associative Awareness breathing and gentle massage-like technique.  Parents are encouraged to join mindful reset sessions, to learn these techniques for home use.


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