Our Wellness Program inspires an empowered spirit with Yoga and Body Awareness exercises to RESTORE self awareness, self worth and self love.


Yoga and Youth Empowerment

We believe youth empowerment evolves from self-confidence, acknowledgement of self-worth and self-love. It is fostered with compassion, gratitude and  joy.  Mindful Yoga challenges our bodies and our minds, cultivating courage and resilience to discover what we are capable of. Children will learn to connect to their breath, body and spirit, building physical and mental strength.

peaceful mind. strong body. empowered spirit.


What is Balancing Body Awareness

Body Awareness is a child’s ability to process where their body is in space, how their body moves, and sensations they feel internally and externally.  Learning how to RESTORE Body Awareness involves exercises to improve this “mind’s eye” ability to view and sense body position, movement and sensations. 

Body Awareness Encompasses 

Proprioception Sense

Where our Body is in Space

Kinesthetic Sense

How our Body is Moving

Interoception Sense

Sensations Inside the Body

Exteroception Sense

Sensations Outside the Body

We help children Balance Body Awareness, with exercises to RESTORE consciousness of these senses and their ability to place an intentional focus towards improved body awareness or away from heightened ability.

Inspiring Youth Wellness


Signs of Unbalanced Body Awareness


peaceful mind. strong body. empowered spirit.