Gratitude Trees!

Today, take a moment to express your gratitude for someone or something that is contributing to the greater good. As a homeschool activity, create a gratitude tree to spread love joy and connection! Free Printable and lesson plan!

“Enjoy the little things. For one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault 

As we all look for ways to lower our baseline anxiety to make space for our amplified emotions, it is important to remember the power of gratitude.  When we express and receive messages of thankfulness, our brain releases two crucial neurotransmitters (dopamine and serotonin) that enhance our mood and help us feel happy.  Practicing gratitude in an intentional way can redirect our brain to focus in on positive thoughts and feelings, and in the process, reduce the anxious ones.

This global crisis has forced our attention in a variety of challenging directions.  By helping ourselves and our children refocus on the people, the actions, and the intangibles that we appreciate, we can help shape the narrative of the social response to coronavirus.

We have all experienced, witnessed, or read about unique and kind gestures over the past weeks.  From researchers to medical personnel to neighbors to grocery store employees, there are many people, and actions large and small, coming together to aid local and global communities.

Today, take a moment to express your gratitude for someone or something that is contributing to the greater good. Encourage your children to do the same. Then, create a physical reminder of your conversation by making a gratitude tree.  Here is a free printable and lesson plan from teacherspayteachers!

You could choose your own printable here (, draw your own tree trunk and branches, or create your own from nature. Ask each family member to add reflections of gratitude as leaves on the tree.  Continue to add leaves in the coming days and post your family’s tree in a prominent household location to serve as a reminder of the anxiety-fighting power of being thankful. 

Thank you Tracy Nemecek, Physio-Logics’ wellness educator, for sharing today’s Thankful Thursday activity! Sending you all well wishes for peaceful minds. strong bodies. empowered spirits.

Mindful Gratitude Resources:

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