Wellness Wednesday: RELATE

Inspiring anxiety health awareness and whole child wellness. Today we’ll explore Physio-Logics’ RELATE pillar and Share our Parenting Mindfully Anchor! -Grounding Through Connection. Use as a calm down strategy or throughout the day to help model and promote Social Emotional Skills.


Help your child tolerate their anxious emotions and then move forward with a growth mindset towards solution finding, instead of problem focused.

GOAL: Create connection opportunities for children to relate to themselves, their environment and others promoting joy, acceptance, kindness and emotional intelligence.

Relating, or connecting with your child helps co-regulate their big emotions, and it encourages children to core social emotional skills of self-awareness, self -regulation, and self-management.

Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non- judgmentally; (or in other words) knowing what you are doing while you are doing it.”

John Kabat-Zinn, MBSR Founder

Use our Parenting Mindfully anchor to recenter, bring attention to your child and their current experience. It can be a calm down strategy -used many times during the day- or spread throughout the day to help maintain balance. Parenting Mindfully anchoring adds space within your routine, slows thoughts, settles nervous systems and brings awareness to the present moment.

Anchoring fosters connection and helps regulate overwhelming emotions. It’s another way of staying in the present moment and not focusing on the past or future. In mindful anchoring, you create added space in daily routine –in common situations and typical reactions. Normally, the situation and the reaction happen so quickly there isn’t any space between them. It’s like they are glued together.

With purposeful mindful awareness you can often create enough space so a typical reaction now becomes a response, a thoughtful choice, a calmer choice, a choice with a better outcome. 

When we practice mindfulness, we are cultivating this ability to observe a situation, and any emotions – anger, fear, jealousy, sadness. When you can observe these things, you begin to know them and respond to them differently. 

Parenting Mindfully Anchor – Grounding through Social Emotional Learning and Connection

5 – Hugs (Or Many More!)

4 – LOL’s (Get Your Child Laughing!)

3 – Affirmations (Let Them Know What You Love About Them!)

2 – Savored Moments (Be Present – Give Them Your Full Attention)

1 – Check In Chat (Be An Empathetic Listener, Not a Fixer – How Are You Doing?)

Take Aways

Physio-Logics RELATE pillar promotes awareness, clarity and acceptance! Characteristics include a willingness to confront challenges, viewing mistakes as potential for growth, a love of learning and perseverance. Parents can foster through anchoring social emotional learning

Thank You!

Thank you for reading today! We will continue to share resources to inspire anxiety health awareness and youth wellness throughout the week. Sending well wishes to you all!

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